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Featured Projects

Interactive Installation: Circles.

Circles is an immersive and interactive installation that takes the challenges set by the speaker detection algorithm used on the platform Zoom to the physical world.


The installation hopes to raise awareness to the numerous issues resulting from it as the algorithm prioritises certain speakers depending on the loudness or the pitch of their voice, leaving certain speakers unheard and ignored as the algorithm decided to bypass.


2021-07-15 14-12-05_10.png
Comp 4_10.png
Short Film: Can You Hear Me? 

Can You Hear Me is a short film that includes immersive sound which showcases the issues of speaker detection algorithm in an audio-visual manner. 

The viewer is taken to a journey inside the algorithm as participants on a Zoom call struggle to communicate with each other. 

ar filter ss2.PNG
AR Filters

Can You See Me is a narrative AR filter created for Zoom which denounces the issues regarding virtual background and the racial bias of the algorithm behind it. Head Circle is an AR filter for Zoom that replicates our installations visual.

Virtual Backgrounds.

These Virtual Backgrounds have been created for you to use during your Zoom meetings as a way to raise awareness of the issues with this platform.

osm website.PNG
Open Source Manifesto

Our Open Source Manifesto has been created to create discussions around the topic of A.I. and algorithms and their ethical implications. What makes an ethical algorithm? What issues should we tackle down in the present and in the future? How should A.I. evolve in the future?

Add a new idea or react to an existing one!

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