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Virtual Backgrounds

We believe that virtual backgrounds, despite their racial bias, are a great tool to communicate ideas. Indeed, they can be seen like a canvas which immerse their participant in different scenarios and are easily seen by other participants during the call.


Therefore, we created a small collection of virtual backgrounds for you to download and use on your used teleconferencing platform.  

Through these virtual backgrounds we introduce our conceptual tool: circular identity

A circular identity refers to an unaltered identity as it lies beyond biased algorithms on online communication platforms. We argue that it is an unachievable concept today with the limited non-representative datasets that train the biggest AIs on the market. However, we are confident that raising awareness to this issue is the first step to, one day, achieve a democratisation or circular identities, a refection of inclusivity and encouragement of the self online.

Click on any of the virtual backgrounds below and open the link that appears at the bottom of your screen to download them. Use them during your next online meeting!

Example on Zoom

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